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    Our residential projects range from single family houses to mixed-use residential developments giving shape, form and character to individual neighborhoods.


    It is in these projects that architects and contractors get the freedom to really play with what it possible with our panel system product on a smaller scale.


    AL13's panel system is being used on buildings with both contemporary and  modern build aesthetics. We are always amazing to see the creative and ingenious ways the panel system is used across a wide variety of climates and regions.


    Because our panel system is a cut on site product, many of the custom features and details are able to be created on the fly with no lead times.


    The residential projects showcased below represent a some of the more interesting uses of the product over the last year or so.











    Commercial projects are where the real value propositions of the AL13 panel system really start to shine. Because the system is cut on site, there are no more delays holding up large job sites to readjust for any issues at hand. This leads to a greatly diminished on the wall cost that really adds up as the square feet starts to climb.


    The panel systems tab over system hits two birds with one stone by securing the panels to the wall while also creating clean design lines. The system also integrates seamlessly with existing windows, doors and other structures and features on the building.



    When choosing an ACM panel there are a lot of options but not all are created equally.  AL13's tab over system provides the flexibility for its installation on any type of structure.


    The commercial projects showcased below represent a some of the stand out installs from the last year.










    The products used to represent a brand are significant to the public image and feel of a company. Durable, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions are specifically chosen by architects, investors and developers when designing properties for corporations.


    With its durability, weather resistance and sharp design lines, AL13’s panel system is a solution that more than meets the mark.


    A brands color is sometimes just as important as the logo it self. As a result, many companies have chosen AL13 as we are able to match custom brand colors using our spectrum process. This process insures that a companies brick and mortar brand presence can be as on point as possible.


    These showcased projects are an assortment of major national brands that have found the right fit with our product.

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